Towards the end of your tenancy...

Notice Period: you are required to give 'one clear month's' written notice if you wish to leave, please check your contract or contact us to make sure you give the correct notice. 

Before giving notice, please make sure you have found a suitable property and are able to move in time.

Your new landlord or letting agent may ask you for a reference from your existing agent, please inform us if this is required (you will need to pay a fee for this please see the tenant fees section for details).

Pre-check out inspection: Greatlets will conduct a pre-checkout inspection preparation of the property around 4 weeks before you leave. 

On or before your last day of the tenancy, please return your keys and provide a forwarding address.

Check out inspection: On your last day (or just after) Greatlets will conduct a check out inspection, make sure the house is clean and in good order, remove all your belongings, to make sure your deposit is returned to you

After your check out inspection we will apply for your deposit to be returned to you, this can take up to 10 working days as your deposit is held by DPS.