Out of Hours Emergency Contact and Procedures

If you require emergency assistance out of hours, contact the appropriate emergency service on 999, having first alerted all other occupants of the issue.

Direct the service to your address and describe the perceived emergency having left the building if appropriate and if possible.

Follow the fire emergency procedure instructions as described in your Agreement, having evacuated all persons from the building if there is the likelihood of a fire,  gas leak or any other lethal situation.

Alert neighbours of the perceived danger.


Police, Fire, Ambulance: 999
Gas Emergency (Transco): 0800 111999

Emergency Plumber (Northants ONLY): 01604 701336 or 07814 765070
Locksmith (Northants ONLY): 07512 013846

If an emergency contractor is called out, and the issue being remedied is the result of an action by the tenant or their visitors, then the call-out cost will be the responsibility of the tenant.