Are you feeling Dippy?

Posted by Zane on 11 December 2014


Nostalgic readers may remember the ‘double dip’ as the favourite sweetie of the late 1980s. With two flavours of sherbet to dip your lolly into, that double dip was a lot more palatable than the UK economy’s current sour version. A contraction of 0.2%q/q in Q1 puts the UK back in recession. But first estimates are often revised, and it’s where we go from here that matters now. Sadly, there are few hopes of a rapid pick up in growth on the horizon. Europe is struggling on but Spain’s fragile banking system is adding to tensions. Meanwhile the US recovery looks like it might be more sluggish than hoped. Inflation and unemployment are disappointingly stubborn and the housing market is still a drag. Whatever you call it, economic recovery is going to be a marathon, not a sprint.
After RBS

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